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about us

Every small business has a story worth sharing.  My name is Donielle Hawley and after moving to the Hills several years ago, I started collecting beautiful vintage items to fill our antique farmhouse.  The problem was (and still is) that I found and bought more things than I a small business was born.


I did not foresee the intense connection our family would cultivate with the farm and all of the creatures that live here (both domestic and wild).  Thus inspired, it has become increasingly important to preserve our natural surroundings for generations to come. To that end, the collection has been mostly sourced second-hand, allowing others to enjoy the pieces many times over.

Sharing this collection with others is such a joy.  The history of the pieces gives each event a rich family feel that is so special.  We look forward to the opportunity to be part of your cherished memory.


hart hill farm

Built by the Hart family in 1774, the 50-acre property sits at the intersection of Litchfield, Goshen, Cornwall, and Warren, Connecticut. A waterway that connects Hart Pond to the Shepaug Reservoir runs through the landscape and at one time-powered Hart Mill which produced musical instruments. Now the stables house one of the largest residential solar arrays in the state of CT.  


With environmental considerations a priority, we work to build a regenerative and organic farming ecosystem. This currently includes horses, chickens, pigs, donkeys, and hay production. The orchard includes peaches, apples, cherries, plums and pears. The kitchen and flower gardens are modest yet bountiful, keep an eye out for a new farm stand soon. This year we are building a greenhouse to extend the growing season and are focused on planting nutrient dense fruits and vegetables to more broadly share. To host an intimate affair at the farm, please contact us to discuss possibilities.

country life

Our family of five moved to the Litchfield Hills with a dream.  We left the comforts of a long-established life in suburbia without any farming experience, relatives, or friends to live a life that we had only imagined.  It was exciting, yet very scary, but we have found our way with trial and error, help from neighbors, courage, and a little luck.


Our family and animals enjoy the wide-open spaces and fresh air.  The pace here is slower and the people are welcoming.


Sometimes I miss Trader Joes and Indian take-out and always the company of our dear old friends, but the life we have now in the country, even with the considerable workload, is a true gift that we will always treasure.

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